Only Believe!

A Spy Story, a Love Story, and a Story of God’s Great Miracles in Atheistic Russia

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God’s Miracles Can Change Your Life

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Only Believe is a fascinating and challenging book that is truly a testimony of the power of God. It begins with the love story of Hannu Haukka for Laura, the girl that he so wanted to marry while she was trapped inside communist Russia. This drama alone will bring tears to your eyes. However, the book ultimately highlights God’s love story for Russia and the other republics of what is now called the former Soviet Union. Despite every obstacle, God provided unimaginable opportunities for Hannu to deliver a message of hope to the Soviet Union after seventy years of atheistic indoctrination.

Just by reading Hannu’s story, you will find encouragement to:

  • Experience an evangelistic love for your neighbor unlike ever before
  • Depend on God to use you in extraordinary ways
  • Run forward with a renewed passion for Jesus Christ
  • Proclaim the gospel with unshaking confidence in God’s power to save

A Spy Story, a Love Story, and a Story of God’s Great Miracles in Atheistic Russia

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